Inland Pesaro and surroundings

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Pesaro is just a short way from Urbino, treasure trove of art and architecture, Gradara with its famous castle, Fano, San Leo, innumerable inland medieval towns and the lively towns of the Romagna coast (Cattolica 20 km, Riccione 30 km and Rimini 40 km). Lovers of good food will want to check out Acqualagna, famous for its white truffles. Check out all our recommendations below and get ready to discover the Marche.



It is therefore the ideal place for those that want to take it easy while also having a bit of fun and absorbing the local culture. You could begin your tour with a visit to Piazza del Popolo in the town centre, from where you can catch a glimpse of the sea. The stand out attraction here is the 17th century marble fountain with tritons, coats of arms and seahorses, which is located opposite the Ducal Palace, now home to the Prefecture but in the past residence of the Sforzas and the Della Rovere family.

Walking on, on the right it is possible to admire the house of the famous Pesaro-born composer Gioacchino Rossini, currently home to a small museum and a must-see for all lovers of classical music. Continuing on towards the sea, you can admire the ancient cathedral which is located on a site previously occupied by two Early Christian basilicas. The most valuable artistic assets of the cathedral are the mosaics, among the biggest and most beautiful in Italy. Also in the centre of town are the ancient Rocca Costanza fortress, the Theatre, the Civic Museum, the Conservatory named after Rossini, which is housed in a splendid 17th century palazzo built thanks to his bequest, and numerous churches. The most notable of these are the Church of Sant’Agostino and the Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie. Heading towards the sea you arrive in Piazza della Libertà, hive of summertime activity with its characteristic large sphere designed by Arnaldo Pomodoro.  
Pesaro is also home to the Rossini Opera Festival, which every year offers a philological reading of his famous works. Here you’ll find the finest voices, the most respected directors and the most expert and distinguished of audiences. 
Finally, as well as its vocation for tourism, the city boasts all the attractions of a major urban centre, including its shopping streets, cinemas and theatres. 

Must-see monuments: 

  • Ducal Palace 
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta 
  • Rocca Costanza 
  • Birthplace of Gioacchino Rossini 
  • the "La Foglietta” fountain at the port, the "Fonte Rossa” Trebbio fountain, the obelisk fountain and the fountain in Piazza del Popolo. 


14 km away - 20 minutes

Less than a 20-minute drive from Pesaro along the Statale Adriatica trunk road is the little medieval town of Gradara, immersed in a hilly landscape and protected by high 13th century walls. It is a romantic place with an olde-worlde feel in which legend and history are cobbled together to tell the tragic love story of Paolo and Francesca, as recounted by the great poets Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio and D'Annunzio.
Strolling along its streets is therefore like taking a step back in time, particularly in the evening when this romantic setting is further enhanced by the stunning landscape.


36 km away - 50 minutes

The city of Urbino, located in the hills of Montefeltro, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Centre in 1998. The Ducal Palace, built on the express orders of Federico da Montefeltro, is a fine example of the architecture of this period Here we can find the National Gallery of the Marche with wonderful paintings by Piero della Francesca, Laurana and Raphael, whose home is currently a museum. Of particular interest are

San Marino

60 km away - 60 minutes

On the border between Emilia Romagna and the Marche, the Republic of San Marino covers an area of around 61 square kilometres. It is the third smallest country in Europe behind the Principality of Monaco and Vatican City. A medieval town full of places of historical interest, it is located at a height of 750 metres above sea level on top of Mount Titano, symbol of the republic. Its old medieval residences and steep, narrow streets are particularly picturesque. The numerous monuments worth seeing here include Palazzo del Governo, the Basilica, the Church of San Francesco, and the 3 towers on the peaks of Mount Titano. Finally, you can’t leave San Marino without taking a look around its numerous fashion boutiques on Strada Statale, just before arriving at the Rocca tower.

San Leo

70 km away - 80 minutes

Located almost 600 metres above sea level, the town of San Leo with its ancient Fortress where Count Giuseppe Balsamo, known as Cagliostro, was imprisoned, dominates the hills of Montefeltro.  Over the course of history San Leo has always represented an important strategic location for military purposes, but also for religious and political reasons. In addition to the panorama you can enjoy from the Fortress, other must-see sights include the Cathedral of San Leone, the Pieve, the Torre Civica, Palazzo della Rovere and Palazzo Mediceo.

Frasassi Caves

100 km away - 75 minutes

Heading south, into the Ancona area, the Gola di Frasassi is home to the Caves of the same name, a popular destination for tourists from all over Italy and Europe. The Frasassi Caves were discovered in 1971 and opened to the public in 1974.
Of particular interest is the underground hiking trail which extends for 18 kilometres. This fascinating subterranean world is packed with stalactites and stalagmites. Inside there are numerous picturesque lakes, called: Abisso Ancona, Sala dei Duecento, the Piccolo Canyon, Sala delle Candeline, Sala Bianca, Sala dell’Orsa, Sala dell’Infinito. A short distance from the Caves are the Romanesque Church of S. Vittore alle Chiuse, the Grotta del Santuario, Tempietto del Valadier, the Speleo-Paleontological Museum, and the Museum of Sacred Art of Genga. On the way home you can visit the Shrine of Loreto!


90 km away - 60 minutes

The Shrine of Loreto, which dates to the 13th century, is a majestic construction that was built to guard “like a precious pearl” the walls of the Holy House of the Blessed Virgin Mary which according to Christian tradition was miraculously transported by the Angels to Loreto, now a site of numerous pilgrimages. A short distance from Loreto, we recommend visiting Porto Recanati, famous for being the birthplace of the great poet Giacomo Leopardi.